CubiCon is an acoustically highly effective modular room division system for the design of multi-person offices and multi-space areas. Fabric-related high-performance acoustic absorbers in upholstery quality are modularly combined with statically powerful aluminum profiles and ESG full glass elements. Free-standing without floor / ceiling fixation, firm grip, easily changeable and without impairing the building infrastructure (fire protection, air conditioning, WiFi, etc.), it meets all requirements for a contemporary and ergonomic workplace design.

Providing scalable elements from the shielded single workstation to the meeting room and group work room, both as a closed unit with doors or partially open. Allowing optimal compaction of workspace with improved noise-reduced environment.

The solution is integrated with acoustic panels along with glass elements connecting the team visually and promote transparency and community awareness despite acoustic decoupling.

Installation methods:

  • Free standing mount - No screws No bolts.

This Solution Is Ideal For:

  • Offices

  • Open Spaces

  • Exhibition Centres

  • Multi Use Areas

  • Commercial Use

  • Hotel Back Of House

  • Hospitals

  • Retail Outlets

  • And more....

Glass Element:

8mm float toughened safety glass (ESG); Polished edges - butted corners.

Outer Fabric:


F - Frequency

T1 - Reverberation time of empty room

T2 - Reverberation time after CubiCon

Aobj - Equivalent sound absorption area per object

Aobj,qm - Equivalent sound absorption area per 1 sqm. (additional info)

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