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NoiCon: Living Space Acoustically Optimized

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NoiCon specializes in manufacturing the most effective acoustic products for room acoustics. We work closely with end users, clients and stakeholders in providing a serene ambience along with an optimized space planning. Our focus is not only on new constructions but also refurbishments. NoiCon provides a tailored made solution inline with the requirements. We provide supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance as and where required.
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Not every problem can be seen, some can be felt or heard. Is your surroundings too loud? Tired of being in a noisy environment every day? Don't worry, we have you covered. NoiCon offers easy to install acoustic solutions that are proven to reduce noise in any environment. Find your peace, Find NoiCon.

Acoustic Wall Panels®
NoiCon wall panels are the most effective and acceptable product in the European region.
Acoustic Photo Frames®
Acoustic Photo Frames
Infill Solution®
Fed up with the constant noise next door? Our Infill solution is your best and latest innovation to liberate you from this complication.
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Acoustic Design Consultancy
- Hospitality - Healthcare Sector - Educational Sector - Retail & F&B outlets - Clubs & Lounges - Commercial and Residential
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Acoustic On-site Test Measurement
- Reverberation Time Test Measurement (RT) - Sound Transmission Class Test Measurement (STC) - Impact Noise Test Measurement (IIC) - Speech Intelligibility Test Measurement (STI)
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Supply & Installation
The ideal execution methods could amplify the performance, lifecycle and aesthetics of the application along with the right material and product. Noise Solutions FZE specializes in providing the best suited solution tailored to the specific project and requirement.
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